Decat Maarten

Maarten Decat

IT security researcher at KU Leuven

Name:Maarten Decat
Address:Leuven, Belgium
Email:maarten (at)



January 2016 - present

University of Leuven

Post-doctoral researcher in Computer Science - Security

Main interest. Access control for large-scale distributed systems.


More specifically. Adaptive authentication, policy-based and attribute-based authorization, risk-based access control, etc.

September 2010 - January 2016

University of Leuven

PhD Researcher in Computer Science - Security

PhD on access control for large-scale Software-as-a-Service applications


Grant. Personal research grant of IWT, obtained by successfully defending a self-written project proposal (2010).


Hard skills. Software security, software engineering,  scientific research – identify shortcomings in state of the art in collaboration with industry, set up a stepwise approach to address shortcomings, evaluate the results, present conclusions.


Soft skills. Perseverance, long-term planning, team work, coaching, presenting, writing, working in a multi-cultural environment, networking.


Teaching activities. Taught Software Architecture for 5 years, coached 7 master theses.

September 2012 - July 2015

SpaceBillboard BVBA


Non-profit company that gains funding and raises media attention for the space research at KU Leuven by launching the logos of our sponsors into space.




Featured in. Daily News, VentureBeat, De Standaard, De Tijd, VTM Nieuws, MNM, … (full list)


Customers.  Microsoft, Electrabel/Engie, Mobile Vikings, Kinepolis, … (full list)


Partnership.  ClearChannel


Soft skills.   Entrepreneurship, perseverance, creative thinking, marketing, pitching, web design, press communication, negotiating,  teamwork.

July 2008 - August 2008



Start-up (at least back then) specialized in advanced IC design and development of sensor systems.


Function. Development of Matlab drivers for automated usage of lab equipment.



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Bram De Muer

2010 April
Co-founder and CEO, ICsense

Maarten has performed an internship at ICsense in 2008. During his internship, he developed software to perform automated measurements on integrated circuits in the measurement lab of ICsense.
Maarten has shown a lot of motivation and initiative in the execution of his tasks. He is a fast learner who can swiftly translate the newly acquired knowledge to working software. The work he delivered was well commented, accurate and is still in use.

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